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Servers are the heart and brains of a business network, working together with the switches, routers and cables or "veins".

A server is a purpose designed and built computer that is intended to run under moderate to heavy load for extended periods of time over many years non-stop – unlike a desktop PC that is expected to run under light to moderate loads for just part of the day. A typical desktop PC has a life expectancy of about 3 years, whereas a server is usually 5+ years under a much heavier load.

To accomplish this, servers are built with heavy duty, higher quality parts, typically use dual power supplies, can be remotely managed (the main board, not just the operating system) and generally house many hard drives that can be configured for different levels of redundancy. All of these features are designed to minimize the downtime of the machine since it’s expected to be critical to business continuity. They also run different operating systems with many functions not normally found in desktops.

What does all of this mean to you, the business owner?

Understanding that a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device next to a desk or a desktop computer holding files isn’t a “server” can one day mean the “make or break” point of your business. As the saying goes “build your house on a foundation of stone if you expect it to weather the storm”. Murphy’s Law will insure that when something sub-standard breaks or crashes, it will do so at the worst possible time. It’s a smart investment in the business to build a strong foundation, and that’s where a real business quality server comes in. The great thing about servers is that they are easily leased making them very affordable. Business leasing gives you the ability to purchase foundation equipment that will support your expected growth over the long term so that you can really focus on growing your business and not being bogged down constantly by technology that “can’t keep up” with you.

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