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Password security


Passwords - too often taken for granted

We all have too many passwords, so we simplify them as much as we can or worse yet, leave them written down under the keyboard or even on a sticky on our monitors for all the world to see.

For some businesses using a strong password within the physical location isn't practical, but the more "open" anything is (websites, wireless networks, etc.) the more secure the password should be.

What exactly is a "good" password? From a network security point of view a good password is a combination of upper and lower case letters, with numbers and special characters - the longer the better. P@ssw0rd may seem like a good example, but since the base word is "password" it will be one of the first words any password cracking software will try. For maximum security you can use a site like this: http://strongpasswordgenerator.com/ to create strong passwords.

Remember that hackers probably don't know what your company is worth, but if they can easily steal your passwords they can quickly gain access to your computers, network and potentially all of your data - which includes the ability to copy your accounting data or even simply destroy your backups and data. Is using strong passwords going to stop them? Probably - because they won't waste time trying to crack into something difficult when there are less secure places to prey upon. Don't let your business be that less secure place or you may end up like this Sacramento construction company that recently lost $900,000 to hackers:


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