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Firewalls - the traffic cops on your network
Firewalls, routers and UTM devices

Most of us have routers at home and at our businesses - and some even use third-party firewall software on their desktops. That's good, but in a business network those things are the same as having a cheap lock on a hollow-core door - they'll keep the rookies out but any professional hacker will get through them in a matter of minutes - or less.

This is where a UTM device comes in. You've probably never heard of the acronym "UTM" before but don't feel bad - most people haven't. UTM means Unified Threat Management, which is a fancy way of describing a router that does much more than simply translate addresses and filter data. A UTM device does those things, but it also provides Network Intrusion Prevention, SPAM blocking, virus blocking, VPN access for your users, the ability to allow or block certain types of internet traffic or applications (both internet based and within your local network) and many other things.

Our UTM provider of choice is Watchguard Technologies. Click here for more information, or please ask us!

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