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Anti-Virus - the Doberman living on your hard drive

Some IT solution providers will change their recommendations from month to month depending on recent reviews. We feel that your A/V software shouldn't be a "flavor of the month", especially when you're making a one year or multi-year licensing commitment. It should be a trusted, long-term solution that offers not only strong protection, but flexibility in management and deployment. This is especially important for mobile devices like laptops that leave the physical network and the higher security and safety that internal users enjoy.

Our business anti-virus of choice is the Trend Micro product line. The Worry-Free Business Security package is an excellent solution for small to medium businesses. Click here for details on the package from Trend.

Remember that anti-virus software is only part of the protection for your business. Another part is the end user - if users open unknown attachments, browse unsafe sites or really think that they've just won millions in a foreign lottery.....the anti-virus software can only do so much to protect them, you and your business. Using a good (NOT free!) third-party mail host gives you far greater protection from spammers and phishing attacks. There are also services like www.appriver.com that do an excellent job of filtering spam mail and associated destructive attachments.
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