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NEW! 24x7 monitoring services
DunRite Networks now offers server and firewall monitoring

If you want proactive (rather than reactive) IT service, our 24x7 monitoring service is for you. 

If you own a Watchguard product but are currently without a Watchuard Partner, we'll gladly add you to our Watchguard Dimension monitoring and reporting server. Once you're added, we'll e-mail you free monthly reports detailing exactly what your Watchguard is doing for you and protecting you from. No gimmicks, no hassle and no sales calls - just a free service that we offer any Watchguard users.

For more in-depth monitoring, we offer server monitoring via a cloud based service. This monitor reports on a myriad of server functions, update status, and will send a text message if the server is offline. This allows us to investigate and troubleshoot a problem that occurs during non-business hours to greatly reduce the likelihood of you walking into your business only to find your server hung after a reboot (keeping you from working) or some other issue that would impact your business. This service is only $25 a month per server, or $275 per year (1 month free if paid for yearly), with no setup fee. Discounts available for businesses with multiple servers.

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